Vibez Inc. is the main attraction here. A Nigerian music maestro and composer by the name of Seyi Vibez has lately come across the captivating music video for his song “Cana,” which he has already published under his name.

Consequently, his previously published music collection, which is titled “NAHAMciaga (Album),” has a lot of extra bangers in addition to the track that was mentioned earlier in the sentence.

This astonishing visualizer was ultimately directed and recorded by Director DK, who is a well-known video director and cinematographer from Nigeria. Director DK is also a director of photography.

Quotable Lyrics:

Can I marry your daughter?
O mọ pé ika ò dọgba
Water dey pump pass Jordan
Na Yo’ba get power
Maitama, lake water, ah
Maitama, lake water, go harder
For ibebe, I hustle harder
You can lay on my shoulder-ah

This cana, gbémi traba’
Ọmọ butter, do me da-da
Gbémi traba’, gbemi traba’
Holy Father, gbemi traba’
This cana, gbemi traba’
Ọmọ butter, do me dada
Gbemi traba’, gbemi traba’
Holy Father, gbemi traba’

Watch the video below: