Kizz Daniel Releases Exciting Remix of ‘Too Busy To Be Bae’ by Francis Mercier

Kizz Daniel Music is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated release of the remix of ‘Too Busy To Be Bae’ by Francis Mercier. Kizz Daniel, one of Nigeria’s most talented and versatile artists, collaborates with renowned music producer Francis Mercier to deliver an exciting new rendition of the hit song.

‘Too Busy To Be Bae’ has already become a fan favorite since its original release, capturing the hearts of listeners with its catchy melody and relatable lyrics.

Now, Kizz Daniel and Francis Mercier take the song to new heights with their unique creative touch and the incorporation of fresh elements.

The remix elevates ‘Too Busy To Be Bae’ to a whole new level, introducing a fusion of genres and showcasing the remarkable synergy between Kizz Daniel’s enchanting vocals and Francis Mercier’s innovative production skills.

Kizz Daniel, known for his ability to craft infectious tunes that resonate with audiences worldwide, has once again demonstrated his musical prowess.

By collaborating with Francis Mercier, a producer with an exceptional ear for detail and a knack for creating innovative sounds, Kizz Daniel has brought a new dimension to “Too Busy To Be Bae.”

New music eventually becomes the kind that lifts your spirits instead of lowering them, and it also becomes a timeless classic with an allure that deserves a spot on your playlist.

Finally, take a listen and share your comment below!