Once again, the talented singer and composer TAR1Q from Nigeria has been allowed to fascinate his fans with the release of his brand-new and exciting song, which is titled “Jigga.”

Khaid, a Nigerian singer and composer who possesses a diverse range of musical talents, has been signed by Neville Records. Khaid’s musical abilities span a vast spectrum. Neville Records is efficient for the creation of this brand-new musical composition, and Khaid has given his many creative abilities to it.

This wonderful song, which was only recently released, is a follow-up to his four-track collection that was released earlier and was titled “ALL I FELT EP.” This song is a terrific example of his musical talent. Additionally, this music was just recently made available to the public.

As a result of the fact that the entire musical composition instills the listener with a sense of excitement and joy, they are left with the option of attempting to incorporate this captivating and outstanding version into their music playlist.

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